The impact of the activities of innovative development on the processes of business planning of state corporations

The basis of the annual reports of the russian state corporations and companies with state participation on the implementation of innovative development programs is the monitoring of achievement of target values of key performance indicators that reflect the scientific, industrial and economic components of this process. The article gives a mathematical formulation of the problem of finding the optimal portfolio of investment projects related to the implementation of programs of innovative development and implementation of their results. Describes the features of the structure of the cash flows from an investment project of introduction of innovation in the state corporations. The selection criterion is an accumulated increase in the values of key performance indicators from the implementation of a set of events. The algorithm of the search to find the solution of this problem when performing restriction on the effectiveness and the financial feasibility of investment projects of innovation development activities. The information model of the data presented in the form of a diagram the entityrelationship is the basis for the development of the automated control system and contains a description of the structure of electronic directories and documents. The inclusion of subsystems of this type in the corporate information system of the state corporation will allow to automate the processes of selection of measures for innovative development, the formation of investment and financial plans for the medium term

Keywords: state corporation, key performance indicators, the program of innovative development, evaluation of investment projects, a portfolio of innovative projects


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