Characteristics’ Evaluation of the Dissemination of Social Innovations Process in the Russian Federation

The concept of «social innovation» is relatively new in Russia in terms of theoretical or methodological design, and also practical use. The paper presents the results of studies on the propagation characteristics of social innovation, conducted from the standpoint of traditional and specific approaches. It has been shown that in the Russian Federation’s current environment the spread of social innovation is of «viscous» behavior, which manifests itself, in particular, by the limited possible spread of innovations and their appropriate scaling. Practical steps taken to regulate the spread of social innovations have led to the foundation of the Social Initiatives Agency — the organization that accumulates social initiatives, determines goals and priorities for the development and spread of social innovations. However, given the novelty of this concept in the country, development of specific methods that allow to study innovation processes in the social sector comes to be of special importance. Implementation of such methods will contribute to a comprehensive analysis and will improve the assessments validity. One approach to the implementation of the above is to use the concept of innovation diffusion, within the framework of which the authors proposed a method for determining the parameters of the Bass model, carried out the appropriate calculations and interpreted the obtained results

Keywords: social innovation, innovative project, dissemination, evaluation, diffusion, innovator, imitator


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