Innovative business development strategy based on marketing innovation

An innovative business strategy is usually in the hands of managers to develop that form the strategic plans on the basis of internal capacity of domestic companies. However, the innovative development of the trend is due not so much to domestic factors as the state and dynamics of the external marketing of micro and macro environment that is the responsibility of marketers. The paper describes an approach to the development of innovative business strategies, based on the formation of strategic marketing objectives of innovation, with a comprehensive analysis of the factors influencing the choice of the direction of development and the actual marketing solutions (innovations). This applied to the spatial-temporal approach to the development of innovative strategy of the company. Using matrices of relationships marketing innovation processes chain innovation cost (the company’s positioning in space) and the stages of the life cycle (accounting for the time factor), formed the strategic development of innovative business, resulting in the creation of synergies and the intensification of innovative activity of the organization

Keywords: innovative business strategy, marketing innovations, value chain, life cycle


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