Guide to authors

1. Principal positions

The magazine «Innovations» publishes only original earlier unpublished articles on Russian or English languages.

The article must put into the shape in accordance with the publisher’s requirements.

Authors must always say to the publisher if they send this article to other publishers and about previous publications, which can be considered as multiple or duplicate of this article.

Note: All new articles verify on a presence of borrowings by the site

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information in articles. Articles mustn’t have the information which is closed for publications. Authors guarantee the accuracy of information in references. Articles must contain all persons and organizations, who were giving the financial or personal support.

All publications are free of charge. Exceptions are articles, when Publisher orders to an author the definite article.

These regulations are the public offer in accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 437 of The Civil code of the Russian Federation and take the effect from the date of the publication by website.

2. How you can send an article to the magazine

Authors present an original article with applications and questionnaires of the authors by or mail: 197022, Saint-Petersburg, post office box 66, JSC «Transfer».

The magazine doesn’t publish materials which contain elements of the plagiarism and any unauthorized parts of another objects of intellectual properties, if borrowings are more than 10%. Articles are verified by the system (

The publisher notifies to authors when the article enters by e-mail. The publisher can decline an article before rewieving, if it doesn’t correspond to the topics of the magazine.

Authors must send a hard copy of the article by mail to the address: 197022, Saint-Petersburg, post office box 66, JSC «Transfer». If it’s necessary, authors send an expert opinion about the possibility of a publication of the article in the magazine from organization where the authors did this work.

When authors present an article for a publication, they consent with The author’s contract. 

3. Demands for an shape of articles

- The recommended format for the text is *doc or *rtf. Illustrations and photos of authors are sent in graphical format *tiff or *jpg not less than 300 dpi.

- Files of articles must be identical to the hard copy. Corrections, additions are made without a notice of the publisher, it will ignore.

- The finished material is recommended to send as a single file: title, abstract, key words, text, references and tables. Illustrations are sent single files.

4. The format and structure of articles

The compulsory elements of an article are:

  1. A title. A title of an article must be short (no more 10 words) and informative.
  2. Before a text of an article must be an abstract which is a full reflection of contents of the article and shows novelty of the article.
  3. There must be «key words» from 2 to 8 words or phrases under an abstract. Key words will serve for cross-indexing articles.
  4. A text of an article must contain an introduction, a main part of the article and conclusions. If authors write about an original research, they must describe methods of the research, results, a discussion of results and conclusions.
  5. References must be in compliance with Gost.2008 R.7.0.5.
  6. A English title, an English abstract and English key words must be in end of the article.
  7. Authors write indexes of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) and the Library-Bibliographic classification (BBK).
  8. Authors write the information about self in the file (questionnaire). An each author writes the single file. Download the file below.
  9. Illustrations and tables must contain headings. Authors must decipher every symbol. 

Note: Articles and other information materials are offered by the publisher for rubric «Innovation Russia», they may differ from these requirements.

5. The volume of materials

The total volume of an article mustn’t be more 7000 words. If an article is bigger, the publisher will decide individually (the article may be published in two issues, etc.).

6. Reviewing of articles

All new articles are reviewed in accordance with The regulations of reviewing of articles. The publisher estimates results of reviewing of an article and decides to take the article, to send to authors for correction or to decline.

Reviews of the article are sent to authors.

The date of the receipt is the date when the publisher has a final version of the article. The publisher may do editorial changes of articles without changes of meaning of articles (literary and technology changes).

7. Copyright

The publisher prepares and publishes author’s materials to the magazine «Innovation». Copyright of every article belong to the author. Authors send and the publisher takes some copyright materials in accordance with The author’s contract.

8. The author’s issue

The publisher sends to an author a copy of an issue with the author’s materials. Authors from Saint-Petersburg receive a copy of the issue into the editorial office.

9. Address of the editorial office

Saint-Petersburg, Professor Popov Street 5

Tel / Fax: (812) 234-09-18, 234-66-58