Specialists in innovation as analytics of digital transformation (example of the development of future transport systems)

The digital transformation of all economic industries is a basis for the transition to the new technological paradigm «Industry 4.0». This task requires the use of absolutely new information technologies and organizational solutions. Thus the problem of revising approaches to training specialists for the new economy is becoming actual. The article proves that the direction of education «Innovatics» is the most appropriate among other directions (management, information technology, industrial engineering, etc.) for future tasks of professional activities of specialists in digital transformation. But it is necessary to strengthen crafting digital competencies and to form knowledge, skills and abilities of applying new information technologies: machine learning, big data analysis, predictive analytics, cloud and distributed computing, etc. The article demonstrates the role of a graduate of a new educational program on the example of the tasks of digital transformation of transport enterprises and substantiates the necessary structure of the competencies formed by him

Keywords: digital transformation, innovatics, hard and soft innovations, digital competencies, transport and logistic services, future transport systems


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