Innovations №12 / 2019


  1. The twentieth anniversary of the degree program in Innovations
  2. Specialists in innovation as analytics of digital transformation (example of the development of future transport systems)
  3. Approach to education in frames of the digital economy challenges (on example of teaching for the project-based activities)
  4. Formation of a professionally oriented education in the Innovation area in resource-supplying regions. An example of the Siberian federal university
  5. Development of higher education «Innovation» at the department of innovation management SUM
  6. Development of the direction 27.03.05 «Innovation» at the Kazan national research technological university
  7. Change of approaches to the training of specialists in innovation management in accordance with modern trends (experience of Peter the Great St. Petersburg polytechnic university)
  8. «Innovation» as an educational service in the economic university
  9. Features of teaching the discipline «Tools of intellectual property protection» within the direction 27.04.05 «Innovatika» in St. Petersburg polytechnic university
  10. The current state and prospects of innovative development of the Tomsk region
  11. A local mathematical model of a preparing data for comparing innovative objects
  12. Технология ментальных и функциональных репрезентаций как первый этап концептуализации и реализации комплексных научных знаний в инновационных процессах
  13. Assessing the prospects of an innovative project using a real put option
  14. Artificial Intelligence in the management of innovation projects
  15. Management and implementation of innovation project outcomes under environment dynamics and project diffusion
  16. Issues on management automation for enterprise innovative development
  17. Key approaches for determining the role of patent analytics in innovation management
  18. Evolution of the international science and technology cooperation: global trends and russian policies
  19. Statistics of publication activity of performers of the federal targeted programme for Research and development in priority areas of development of the Russian scientific and technological complex for 2014-2020
  20. High-tech industrial and services sectors in Tomsk region: efficiency of development in the turbulent economy