Innovation Policy of Russia: Review of the publications of Russian Journal «Innovation» from 1996 till 2015

The central idea of this paper is to accomplish a literature review about innovation policy in Russia. The analysis is done based on the publications of the Russian Journal Innovacii (Innovations). Locally, this journal is a leading publisher in the subject area. The review covers the period of the last twenty years with the papers being in the Russian language. The findings been discussed with the experts in the area based on qualitative interviews. One of the findings of the local literature review is a summary of the jurisdictional background of innovation policy in the Russian Federation in the period covered. The other finding of the study is around the creation of the governmental bodies to manage national innovation policy. One of the major conclusions of the study here is that since the collapse of the Soviet Union back in 1990s, innovation policy in Russia has been focused mainly on establishing the so-called new rules of the game for the actors. In doing so, the country has not achieved much of the progress with introducing innovations into the market as all the efforts have been put to understand how companies can manage innovation in the market economy and where science should further develop when the Soviet Union goals were once no longer viable. This study is showing further research in the area for policy-makers and for academia.

Keywords: innovation policy, review, Russia


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