Innovations №5 / 2016


  1. «University 4.0»: knowledge economy growth drivers in Russia
  2. Innovation Policy of Russia: Review of the publications of Russian Journal «Innovation» from 1996 till 2015
  3. Problems of introduction of innovations on an example RVS-technologies
  4. Storage RAIDIX: Russian innovation on the world stage
  5. "To light and to see in the dark red"
  6. Uncertainty forever: the prospects of the European and Russian economies in the context of mutual sanctions regimes.
  7. About the innovative development of industry
  8. Russian industry: technological development or retrogression?
  9. Multilevel model integrators to develop high-tech industries
  10. The state model of innovative capacity at the industrial enterprises’ level
  11. What factors affect regional innovation activity?
  12. Communication innovation in the formation of youth political elites
  13. Methods of involvement venture companies in innovation development programs of state corporations and companies (corporate venture)
  14. Innovations as a new customer value
  15. Possibilities of adaptation « Regional innovative platforms of European benchmarking» in regions Republic of Moldova.
  16. Intellectual Capital Management in Block of Refining, Petrochemistry and Gas Processing of PJSC Lukoil
  17. Intellectual Capital Management, Aimed at Goodwill Maximization
  18. Innovative approaches to the design professional environment of the management technopark’s participants: financial and tax aspect
  19. Strategic goals of an innovation-oriented company while going to an IPO
  20. Scientific basis of effective management under the circumstances of variable technical conditions of grid complex's equipment
  21. Mentor© — interactive technology for control of the lecture material learning
  22. Bookshelf: Organizational management of companies at early phases of development