Storage RAIDIX: Russian innovation on the world stage

RAIDIX is a leading global solution provider for data storage systems. RAIDIX systems operate in Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea and other countries. Building on the patented RAID erasure coding technology and solid scientific background, the company delivers a management platform for both standalone data storage servers and scalable high performance clusters. RAIDIX solutions are committed to reliability and guaranteed performance in the event of hardware failures. RAIDIX is a competitive solution that offers significant cost savings to the global customer base. On the home Russian market, the product is listed on the Registry of the Ministry of Communications, and recommended for purchase by commercial and governmental organizations. In 2016, RAIDIX raised investment from Rostelecom venture fund. RAIDIX recipe for success encompasses compliance with the international standards, unique technology, professional R&D team and strategic partnerships with the industry leaders

Keywords: raidix, raid, data storage system, data storage..


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