Methodological Aspects of the Development of Information Systems and Expert Support for Basic Scientific Research

The problem of expert-and-analytical and methodological support of information and justification of priorities for research and decision-making on resource management. The thesis of the key role to improve the quality of information resources and tools to improve multi-dimensional assessment of the current state and prospects of the development of science in the development and implementation of state policy in this area. Based on the analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the state research funds designed structure of scientific and expert system information support of basic research and the functions of information and forecasting and analytical subsystems. A system of criteria, reflecting the most significant for the decision-making aspects of research projects, and unified format to describe them, allowing you to create an information and analytical resource that allows you to use a modern methodological tools and technologies for processing large amounts of information to ensure the propriety of the projects and, ultimately, to improve the efficiency of the fundamental and exploratory researches.

Keywords: science policy, expert systems, information support , set of criteria, forecast and analysis work, selection of science projects, monitoring, humanitarian sciences, information resources, expert value, information system, decision making support