Innovations №10 / 2013


  1. The North-West Regional Centre - the Biggest Innovative Project of Russian Defended-Industrial Complex
  2. Problems and Prospects of Innovative Entrepreneurship in Higher Education as Exemplified by Moscow State Technological University «STANKIN»
  3. Questions the Reliability of Statistical Information on Innovative Activities in Russia
  4. Methodological Aspects of the Development of Information Systems and Expert Support for Basic Scientific Research
  5. State Funds for Support of Scientific, Scientific-Technical and Innovative Activity: the State, Problems, Perspectives
  6. The Concept of Sectoral Innovative Systems for Economy Modernization and Improving Competitiveness: Methodological Problems and Russian Experience
  7. The Innovative Instrument of State Support for Research-and-Production Cooperation: Subject and Regional Aspects
  8. Innovative Infrastructure for Various Types of Regional Innovative Strategies
  9. The Effectiveness of Business Incubators as an Element of the Spin-Off Strategy in Universities
  10. Innovative Methods of Market Forecasting of Agroindustrial Products Exports at the Republic of Moldova
  11. Industry Energy Efficiency as a Key Mechanism in Reducing of Energy Intensity of Russian GDP
  12. Prospects for the Development of Innovative Additive Manufacturing in Russia and Abroad
  13. An Innovative Renovation of the Territories as a Socio-Economic Basis for Social Development: the Experience of Hamburg
  14. Additional Professional Training of University Teaching Staff: Models of the Effective Interaction with the Defence Industry Complex Enterprises
  15. Competence Centres - the Progressive Form for Organization of Innovation Activity
  16. Unprofitability Risk of Portfolio of Projects and Limitation of Financial Result by Economical Risks
  17. The Cycle of Development and the Validity of the Decision-Making in the Management of Automated Manufacturing
  18. Justification Technique of a Choice of CASE-Tools for the Analysis and Design of Management Systems by Enterprises
  19. Working up of the Complex of Information and Functional Models for Providing of Computer Quality Management for Processes of Enterprise
  20. An Innovative Approach to the Design of Fault-Tolerant Process Control Vacuum Deposition of Composite Coatings
  21. The Innovative Hardware-Software Complex for Diagnostic of High-Tech Systems
  22. Development and Application of Innovative Direct Linear Drivers in High-Precision Machine-Building Equipment