St. Petersburg industrial development Fund is open for cooperation

Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg approved to receive in FID SPb more than 1 billion 860 million rubles. The St. Petersburg industrial development Fund was registered on January 11, 2016. It was the largest regional project in Russia aimed at stimulating the inflow of direct investments into the real sector of the economy and the development of new industries. An example of such a model of interaction between government, industry and business was the model of creation of the Federal Fund for industrial development, which was organized a year earlier through the transformation of the Russian Fund for technological development. The St. Petersburg Fund works on the money of the city budget. For three and a half years, FRP has helped to implement several dozen innovative projects in the high-tech industry sector of the city. The results, new goals and tasks for the future tells the Director of the FRP of St. Petersburg Ph. D. Evgeny Shapiro

Keywords: industry, Saint-Petersburg, St. Petersburg industrial development Fund



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