Digital platform as a tool for managing socio-economic development of territories

It is obvious that the «manual management» of the social and economic development of the territories currently used by the state authorities of the Russian Federation does not meet the needs of the modern stage of development at all. An alternative to the existing management system in Russia today can be management based on IT-technologies. One of the technologies that can lead us to a qualitatively new level of management is the technology of digital platforms that allow automated processing of a large amount of data, including geospatial data, and prepare effective management decisions on this basis. The article defines and considers the organizational structure of the digital platform

Keywords: geoinformation simulation-analytical system, data, tasks of management of socio-economic development of territories, simulation-analytical programming, information, information environment, information conditions, data array, platform solutions, data providers, management entities, management of socio-economic development of the territory, management solution, functions of public administration, data processing center, digital platform, digital transformation, IT-service


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