The world innovative project «industry 4.0» and the perspectives of subsoils comprehensive development in the fuel and energy complex of Russia

Russia is one of the largest and most endowed countries with energy resources. The profound changes taking place in the global fuel and energy complex (FEC) and energy markets are a kind of challenge for Russia, which can dramatically accelerate its development — act as an «open window of opportunity», but can also push it back to the periphery of the global economy. Under these conditions, it is very important to understand the essence of the ongoing changes and find optimal ways for the country to respond to these changes. The aim of the article is to identify the essence of the profound changes taking place in the global and Russian energy sectors and to find ways to respond to them optimally in the domestic fuel and energy sector and the Russian economy as a whole

Keywords: integrated subsoil development, a new paradigm for the development energy sector, «industry 4.0», the Russian fuel and energy complex


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