Innovations №10 / 2019


  1. Principal investigator as the new position among professional researchers in Russia: roles, skills and problems
  2. Centers of global technological excellence — mechanisms of advanced innovative development
  3. Personnel supply systems for innovative projects and regional development. On the example of Saint-Petersburg
  4. Upcoming population census: all-russian innovative RPC-2020
  5. University model for a new technological paradigm. University of man and professions of the future
  6. Digital economy: new challenges for education system
  7. STEAM-education and IT-employment as factors of adaptation to the digital transformation of the economy in the regions of Russia
  8. Actual issues of improvement of the higher professional education system in the context of modern labor market requirements
  9. The system of higher education as a factor of sustainable development in the conditions of digitalization of the economy
  10. Transformation of the employment structure in the digital economy: global trends and Russia
  11. Factor model for the development of innovative ecosystems
  12. Digital culture, skills of innovative entrepreneurship and intellectual property management: upcoming competences
  13. The strategy of leading enterprise development: social-economy and humanitarian aspects
  14. The world innovative project «industry 4.0» and the perspectives of subsoils comprehensive development in the fuel and energy complex of Russia
  15. Role of industrial robots in perspectives of Russian economy
  16. Analysis of digital and innovative potential of Russian economy