ETU «LETI» policy on intellectual property

The relationship between the university and the authors of the results of intellectual activity within the framework of the Russian legislation can be flexibly regulated on the basis of relevant contracts and the system of innovations stimulation that operates in the university. Creation of an effective university management system for intellectual property requires the development of principles, norms and rules that provide incentives for the creation and use of innovations. The article examines the experience of ETU «LETI» in developing a policy in the field of intellectual property aimed at preserving, developing and effectively using the intellectual potential of the university, securing legitimate rights and balancing the interests of the university and authors. Particular attention is paid to commercialization, stimulation of the creation of intellectual property and revenue sharing. Issues of disclosure of information on the results of intellectual activity, confidentiality, protection of intellectual property rights, liability and dispute resolution are considered

Keywords: intellectual property, results of intellectual activity, intellectual rights, intellectual property policy, revenue sharing


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