The market for synthetic single crystals (sapphire): realities and prospects

The paper dwells on the knowledge-intensive and exportoriented production of such an innovative material as an artificial (synthetic) sapphire, which is realized on a rapidly growing market. The article considers the physico-chemical properties of synthetic sapphire, the main methods of cultivation and applications to form holistic view of the material and technology of its synthesis. Here is seen the global market for sapphire products by segment: market of wafers (use in electronic industries) and the market Windows for hours in retrospect and in prospect. The main representatives of the market for synthetic single crystals from Russian Federation, the United States of America, South Korea and People’s Republic of China are analyzed. The actual amount won by the Russian manufacturers of synthetic sapphire market is revealed. The place of Russian producers at the international market of synthetic sapphires is forecasted in the near future, i. e., potential volume of export of domestic products

Keywords: artificial (synthetic) sapphire, leucosapphire, innovation, market size, import substitution


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