Innovations №9 / 2016


  1. The fourth technological revolution and new meanings Russian global policy on the horizon in 2035
  2. Technical and economic requirements of mining processes and equipment in the extraction of water from the lunar soil
  3. Congratulations
  4. «Экспофорум» Петербурга стал центром инноваций России
  5. Public funds for support science: financial and institutional aspects of development
  6. Grant system of support of science: the saved-up potential and directions of development
  7. On the assessment of scientific and technological background in some Russian industries in the context of import substitution policy
  8. The evolution of the concept of entrepreneurial potential
  9. Development of Network Interactions: the Role of Russian Cluster Initiatives
  10. Analysis of the major trends in the economic evaluation of basic research
  11. A method of coordination of ecologic priorities for energy generating companies and regional socio-economic systems
  12. Increase of management efficiency innovation potential in the globalized economy
  13. The territorial aspect of the innovative development of cities and towns: St. Petersburg experience
  14. Competitive advantages of the macro-region as a factor of innovation development of the North-West Federal District
  15. Vectors of the regional innovation policy: the importance of public participation
  16. Creation of the regional quality management system of labour forces
  17. Formation of a model system of mastering innovations in regional agro-industrial complex (case study of the crop production of Pskov region)
  18. The market for synthetic single crystals (sapphire): realities and prospects
  19. About balance between innovator and consumer expectations
  20. Development of innovation-imitation or open innovation in the service sector
  21. Innovative front-office JSC «Sberbank of Russia»