Crowdfunding as a tool of venture investment in Russia and abroad

Development of an innovative sector of the economy largely depends on the ability to attract investments for business start-ups. That is why, crowdfunding is becoming more popular today. However, this fast-growing market is still being shaped, and calls for further studies of its development and influence on the whole process. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a Kickstarter platform — one of the world’s largest crowdfunding sites — as well as present the evolution of its venture capital segment. The latter information cannot be found in the whole range of works by different authors, who based their studies on earlier available data. An assumption is also made on causes for the development of the aforementioned segment. The results of a statistical analysis, conducted for Russian crowdfunding platforms — Boomstarter and Planeta, and compared to the Kickstarter data, allow to evaluate the development of Russian crowdfunding from a venture perspective.

Keywords: краудфандинг, Kickstarter, Boomstarter, Planeta, новые венчурные инструменты, стартапы.


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