Innovations №4 / 2016


  1. Prospects of development of space mining and processing industry
  2. Legislative issues to innovations in Russia
  3. Analysis of the structure of russian patent owners and the problem of defining the leading scientificresearch organizations
  4. Support of Photonics at the State Level: a Comparative Analysis of International Experience
  5. Analysis of the formation, the current state and prospects of development of the main participants in the global nuclear market innovation
  6. Crowdfunding as a tool of venture investment in Russia and abroad
  7. Support mechanisms for scientific and technological cooperation between the BRICS countries: multilateral calls and networking platform for the transfer of knowledge and technology
  8. The barriers and prospects of innovative technologies’ development in automobile transport
  9. Prospects for technological innovation in the practical activities of the Russian Automobile Manufacturers
  10. Eco-labelling as an instrument of transition to sustainable development
  11. Integration of infrastructure of universities in the innovation system of the region
  12. The Formation of the Institutional Conditions for Innovative Development of Scientific-Industrial Complex of the North-West Region
  13. Institutions of stimulating the innovative behavior of economic agents in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – Ugra: evolution, specificity and institutional traps
  14. National innovation system of China: foundation and transition
  15. Forecasting of the perspectives for innovation technology at development in manufacture with use of TRIZ
  16. Incentive of innovation activity of employees in the organization based on innovation competition
  17. Foreword. Finding time