The creation of the business-models ontology for the veterinary services market as an innovative method of management the companies

This paper offer an innovative business process modeling solution for a service-oriented companies, focused on veterinary business. In introduction we are giving the short overview of approaches to the definitions of business model and business process modeling ontology. Further we present the circumstances of dealing with veterinary companies, and try to model the essence of enterprises on the veterinary market on a level that abstracts from operational details with the help of REA approach. We try to deal with the current trends and methods of doing business in this area, including the characteristics of their business processes, marketing, and management functions. This information is based on research conducted with the owners and managers of several veterinary clinics in Canada, Germany, Czech Republic and the Russian by the method called «expert interview». It is important to understand how they work and to identify their main characteristics in order to create the universal types of business models for companies in veterinary sector and design the ontology of doing business on this market. At the moment no doubt remains that the veterinary business in Russia — it is one of the industries that will only develop in the future, as it is with private medicine nowadays. And now it is the time to create the abstract descriptions of the veterinary companies

Keywords: business model, business process ontology, the veterinary business, veterinary clinics, REA approach


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