New features for monitoring atmospheric pollution in the Northwest region of Russia

Discussed the opportunities for telemetry methods of laser remote sounding of the atmosphere for the early diagnosis of the pollutants of natural, technogenic and synergic origin and operational warnings about the threat of ecological safety factor of air pollution.Promising ways of implementing these methods for aero environmental centers of territorial observatories for the environmental safety are identified. The first observatory for the environmental safety is created in the framework of the research Park of St. Petersburg State University. The Ground station aero-ecological Centre of the Observatory includes stationary and mobile multi-wave lidar systems, which are used for operational control of the atmospheric pollution in St. Petersburg city and Leningrad region.Lidar systems are intended to use for mutual validation with on-board lidar of CALIPSO satellite in the frames of European laser network EARLINET.

Keywords: ecological safety, ecological monitoring of the atmosphere, lidar systems