Innovations №11 / 2014


  1. Russia will save the government and economy development. This requires a revolution from above and the decision impossible task
  2. Alexander Khodachek: "We need to learn to count money and within the family budget, and within their organizations"
  3. Nanotechnology breakthrough of FSUE "Central research institute of structural materials "PROMETEY"
  4. On the establishment of a centralized system of planning, design, procurement, testing, certification and use of electronic components in space technology
  5. Analysis of methods for the implementation of activities technical progress at a manufacturing plant
  6. New features for monitoring atmospheric pollution in the Northwest region of Russia
  7. Professional and public accreditation of programsof additional professional education in the framework of a systematic approach to the development
  8. Training as part of the project inception in Tomsk Oblast Center for Education, Research and Development (INO Tomsk 2020)
  9. The influence of business education on mechanisms of innovation origin
  10. Forecasting of scientific activity
  11. Expansion of fundamental science space during a postindustrial era
  12. Improving the efficiency of medical devices production in Russia based on the developed medical industry enterprises classification
  13. Market Analysis Tools in the Application of Methodology of Economic Evaluation Of Projects of Innovation Centers Creation
  14. Mediation in the area of innovations: case of Novosibirsk Scientific Centre
  15. Cross-functional integration during New Product Development: current approaches and research prospects
  16. State Role in national innovation system of Norway
  17. Creative credits: essence, features.Manchester’s experience (UK)
  18. Innovative sector of the (Tomsk) region in the period of economic recession
  19. State and prospects of development of the innovation sector in the regions of the North Caucasus Federal district
  20. Institutional imbalance in the formation of an innovative environment of the region: causes, specifics and ways to overcomeE. A. Midler, Doctor of Economics, professor
  21. On-line monitoring method of the efficiency of educational institutions on set interval expert estimates of private rates