Market Analysis Tools in the Application of Methodology of Economic Evaluation Of Projects of Innovation Centers Creation

Innovation centers are the key elements of infrastructure. However, the overall efficiency of the innovation infrastructure remains low. Economic evaluation of projects of innovation centers creation in the narrow sense, i. e. assessment, that takes into account direct financial-economic impacts directly to the initiators and investors of prospective innovation centre as well as economic assessment in a broad sense, should be based on interrelated, but, often, and to a certain extent, self-sufficient criteria. These criteria are taken together, should have closed field of assessment and planning at several levels, i.e. be used consistently, when the criterion for lower-level assessments and planning is based on the criteria of a higher level.According to the authors, methods of evaluation of financial-economic impacts of projects of innovation centers creation should be based on an integrated method that uses the algorithm of several singular approaches. The proposed algorithm of integrated analysis/estimation of projects of creation of innovation centers includes marketing, production, technical and financial evaluation.The article considers the methodological example of the application of the algorithm of marketing analysis of projects of creation of innovation centers on the basis of competitiveness of R&D products, developed on the basis of the innovation centers.Innovation centers should become one of the main «drivers» of the transition of Russian economy to the innovative way of development. One of the practical problems faced by the initiators of the creation of such centers, both at the state and private business levels is the lack of a comprehensive methodology for assessing the need for their creation.

Keywords: infrastructure, innovations, innovation centers, business incubators, evaluation of project of creation of the innovation center, the competitiveness of the innovation centre