Nanotechnology breakthrough of FSUE "Central research institute of structural materials "PROMETEY"

In September this year, the world's leading materials science - St. Petersburg FSUE "Central research institute of structural materials "PROMETEY"- celebrated the 75th anniversary. All developments by now over the decades, has revolutionized the domestic steel industry, the majority of them have no analogues in the world. In this series - the creation and development of production of armor for the legendary T-34 tanks, HF and attack aircraft IL-2, a series of unique and high-strength cold-resistant steels, durable lightweight corrosion-resistant titanium and aluminum alloys, polymer composite materials, all of which are built Domestic Navy and a large number of civil courts. Have no equal in the world combined technological and mechanical properties applied in innovative projects of national importance "Metal" and "Highway" new cold-resistant steel. This allowed for the first time Russian metallurgists to produce pipes with a diameter of 1420 mm, which can be processed at a negative temperature without preheating, which is extremely important in the Arctic. In this case, the wear resistance of steel increased by 2 times, seismic resistance up to 8 on the Richter scale, and the cost of production remained unchanged. "PROMETEY" is a developer of 15 industrial critical technologies to ensure the competitiveness of domestic promyshlennosti.Zdes created new heavy-duty materials with nanostructures and the only one in the north-western region of the Research Center for the development of structural nanomaterials.