Improving the efficiency of medical devices production in Russia based on the developed medical industry enterprises classification

The article presents the results of analysis of effectiveness of medical devices design and production located in the Russian Federation. At the moment the high-tech medical devices, which are currently presented on the domestic market, are mainly imported. Its maintenance, repair and metrological support required considerable support. The introduction of EU and US sanctions against Russia can significantly complicate the application of imported medical devices in healthcare institutions of the Russian Federation. Government tasked to maximize the domestic market of medical equipment produced in Russia, first of all with those imported medical devices that are in demand in medical institutions in Russia, but not manufactured by Russian enterprises at the moment. One of the most important factors in improving the efficiency of production is investment activity of enterprises through competitive bidding. It is extremely important to make right choice of the enterprise. One of the criteria determining the choice of enterprises which is capable to realize investments with maximum efficiency, should be proposed developed classification of enterprises of the medical industry according to their functional characteristics.

Keywords: innovations, classification, medical devices, competitiveness, investments, national and international quality standards, protection of intellectual property, organizational and economic sustainability