Patenting vaccines in Russia and foreign countries

Vaccines are complex subjects of the invention, as they can include several different subjects: antigens as an active ingredient, a composition, use, a method. Upon preparing a patent application it is necessary to take into account a specific of such subjects. Thus, for example, an antigen as a native protein in some cases cannot be patented due to non-novelty as typically, it is disclosed earlier, during research of pathogenic microorganism. Also, the specific requirements are hold to features of an antigen and use thereof as well as compositions comprising them. These requirements can be strongly varied in dependence on laws of the country wherein a patent application is filed. So, if a release of a product into international market, it should be taken into account patent laws of these countries for preparing the patent application for a vaccine for decreasing a risk of grant refusal

Keywords: vaccines, antigens, patent, foreign patenting


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