Strategic planning in Russia: challenges and solution

One of the conditions for ensuring high dynamics of economic growth and responding to modern global challenges is the strengthening of strategic and project approaches in the formation of economic policy. Strategic planning becomes the system-forming factor of such policy, which along with the improvement of market mechanisms is widely introduced into the practice of public administration in developed countries of the world. This path is relevant for Russia. In this context, this article analyzes the place and role of strategic planning in public administration, reveals the problematic aspects of its use, which are associated with the implementation of Federal Law № 172 «On the strategic planning in the Russian Federation», adopted in 2014. Based on the analysis, the main directions for further improving the goal-setting system for of strategic planning in Russia are represented. The basic outline of the system of strategic planning documents has been defined, and methodological approaches have been proposed to ensure their linkage and harmonization

Keywords: strategic planning, structural modernization, forecast, strategy of social and economic development, the state program


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