Regional scientific, educational and innovative hub and its role in the innovative development of the subject of the Russian Federation

The economic development of a country and regions is impossible without innovation. The level of innovation of the economy in turn determines its competitiveness and growth rate. At the same time, the involvement of innovations in the real economy is an extremely complex process that requires the adoption of high-quality management decisions. Meanwhile, at the regional level, there is no somehow effective system for preparing such decisions. Taking into account the special role of innovations in ensuring the sustainable development of regions, the author of the article proposes to establish a regional university in the subject of the federation, which will be combining a number of functions to significantly change the scientific, educational and informational space of innovation, which is very important for the economic development of the region and its socio-economic indicators. In essence, such a university will be able to play the role of a core university - a regional scientific, educational and innovative hub for the dissemination and commercialization of knowledge aimed at ensuring the socio-economic development of the subject of the federation

Keywords: lobal innovation index, innovations, innovation infrastructure, innovation system, innovative economy, artificial intelligence, commercialization of innovations, scientific and educational and innovation hub, preparation of a management solution, implementation of innovations, regional innovation policy, regional university, core university, management decision, economic development


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