The transition of the chinese atomic energy industry into the 14th fifth-year plan (2021-2026)

The paper reviews the current status of the Chinese atomic energy industry at the end of the 13th national development plan, analyzes the preliminary accomplishments, achievements and key-events in the atomic energy sphere of China during the last 4-5 years period and presents the short time forecast for the upcoming trends. The years 2020-2021 will most likely become the transitional phase for the Chinese atomic industry and in these years the new course of its development will be launched. During the last decade the Chinese nuclear scientists were promoting new technological basis mostly through international cooperation and extensive import of the foreign technologies. By the end of the 13th national development plan the industry has already accumulated the sufficient experience, competencies and a number of technological solutions to establish a new ground for the upcoming development. The crucial role in the promotion of the atomic energy in China during the 14th national development plan will highly likely belong to the domestic reactor technologies like Hualong reactor and further the CAP-1000 reactor. The article reviews the current undergoing and planned projects on development of these technologies and assesses their role in the further promotion of the atomic energy industry in China

Keywords: atomic energy, fifth-year plan, China, Hualong reactor, NPP.