The safe smart city as a priority investment project of the radio electronics cluster

The article is devoted to essential issues of the realization of large-scale innovative project “The safe smart city”. The value of this project is relevant for enterprises of the radio electronics cluster where most of companies are focused on military orders. However in consequence to the fall down of defense order the question of development of high technology industries arises in the foreseeable future. The solution to this question is the possibility to produce popular serial civil high-tech products. Today the sphere, where it is possible to provide the demand for civil products, is the area of integrated security and smart control systems for municipal (city) economy. The association of radio electronics enterprises with the aim of implementing a large-scale project is the unique example. It requires not only the efforts of enterprises and coordination of their activities in the production of high-tech dual-use products, but state support is necessary. In Russia the experience in implementing of “The safe city” projects has already developed. Mainly it was confined by procedures of the installation of CCTV cameras. But to decide the complex security tasks is not enough. The producing of the smart systems that are able to predict and prevent an emergency is necessary. Technically it is possible as a result of the sensor networks development with the technologies of wireless and wired communications. The article presents an example of constructing the comprehensive security and the smart systems enterprises for the cluster of radio electronics in Saint Petersburg. The typical solutions in realization of a large-scale project could not be found. The general algorithm of a development of the project «The safe smart city» is suggested by the author taking into account potential risks of emergencies. Also the criteria for the selection of projects in reliance on performance indicators and particularities of activity of radio electronics enterprises are suggested by the author. The main conclusions were suggested following the results of the research

Keywords: large-scale innovative project, a cluster of electronics, military orders, integrated security, electronic products


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