Innovations №11 / 2016


  1. From stations for young technicians — to the center of youth innovative creativity. On the program of the Center for Youth innovative creativity in the Russian Federation
  2. «Program «UMNIK»: improving state Young Innovators support mechanism
  3. Programme «Cooperation»: first up, then what?
  4. On the outcome of the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2016
  5. Global R&D funding: trends and perspective directions
  6. Priorities in basic research as a reflection of the balance of interests of the state, society and science
  7. Post-industrial technologies as a vector of structural and technological modernization of the economy
  8. The study of innovation microsystem as a part of innovation activity regulation on the regional level
  9. Accelerate the life cycle of research and development: key factors and success stories
  10. Innovation process and ecological share in market conditions
  11. The use of traditional and innovative marketing practices of Russian companies: results of empirical research
  12. The safe smart city as a priority investment project of the radio electronics cluster
  13. The sector of information and communication technologies — the basis of innovative development of Moldova
  14. Ratings of innovation development: methods of development and assessment by the example of economic actors of Uzbekistan
  15. Intellectual capital of a knowledgeintensive organization: strategy and principles of management
  16. Resistance to Innovation in the Energy sector
  17. Cross-functional modeling of intersection points to commercial chain
  18. Roadmap for the company cooperation with the innovative environment
  19. Some problems and solutions of standardization managing innovation
  20. Using tools of system dynamics for project management in ERP implementation