Russian companies are ready or not to open innovation?

At present, by sector — the development of open innovation, focusing on large public companies, which are essential building blocks of a modern national economy. During the growth of the susceptibility of the national economy to innovate, it is a company with state participation should become a «locomotive» of the domestic production in Russia. The issue of increase of competitiveness of domestic companies can not be achieved without the development of innovation activity and the transition from a «closed» system to actively create their own radical innovation based on open models. The main problem holding back the penetration of innovations in Russia, is the gap between the natural chain of basic, applied science and industry. Major domestic manufacturers are the main consumers of innovation, but do not have sufficient resources to retrofit technologies and the development of new products. Although, at present in Russia, there are practically no open innovation themes every year becomes more and more popular/ The government and major Russian companies are gradually becoming an innovative way of economic development, but, unfortunately, the pace of the transition from «closed» innovation to the «open» extremely low.

Keywords: open innovation, closed innovation, the main consumers of innovations, examples of innovation in the West, the transition from a model of «closed» innovation to the


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