Innovations №9 / 2015


  1. Transcript of the participants of the round table dedicated to the implementation of the Strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020
  2. "Society is not conducive to the formation of builders'
  3. Agenda of innovation infrastructure in Russian Federation
  4. Russian companies are ready or not to open innovation?
  5. On the way to ekzaflops class computing
  6. Innovative information and metrological technology monitoring and forecasting and the prevention of accidents of technogenic objects
  7. Prospects for use in the russian public-private partnerships for investment innovation
  8. New Class of Owners in the Innovation Economy
  9. The survey of effective forms of high-tech industries innovative development on the basis of «triple helix» model: the case of Latin America
  10. Selecting an optimal strategy for conversion of the regional energy system to low-carbon technologies
  11. The enterprise base department in the structure of higher education institution
  12. The challenges of the contractual relationship between the defense industry enterprises and target enrollment students
  13. Formation of strategy of development of the university (for example, ETU «LETI»)
  14. Analysis of conditions and factors of increase of innovative activity of regions (on the example of the Kursk region)
  15. Innovative information-system processes formalization of the life cycle of the weapon system in the conditions of the contract life cycle
  16. Improving of economic security of the venture firm
  17. Frugal innovation: From «premium» to «good enough»
  18. Innovative methodological approach to modelling and evaluating effectiveness of the space system