Approaches to legal regulation of information technology import substitution in USA, PRC, EU and Russia

In 2014 the Russian Federation announced a policy of import substitution for software and computer technology information products. In this article the authors report on their comparative analysis of the national information technology import substitution mechanism project, as well as foreign methods of legal regulation in this sphere, namely in such countries as USA and PRC and integrative formation — EU. Global experience demonstrates that there are at least three possible approaches: 1) permissive; 2) prohibitive; and 3) retorsive. In authors’ opinion, the Russian import substitution model in sphere of information technologies is of a prohibitive character, flaw and requires significant amendments, since it in essence establishes proscriptions and restrictions without corresponding stimulation of market participants

Keywords: import substitution, state procurement, information technology, computer software programs, databases, software as a service, comparative analysis