High frequency of electrotechnology. Status, Problems and Prospects

At the moment it is difficult to imagine human life on Earth, and a society that ensures its existence without electricity. And it’s hard to imagine that all discoveries, all research, all inventions, all industrial production in the field of electricity were established in only 200-odd years, after Alessandro Volta created the first current source. Surprisingly, despite the fact that electricity played a revolutionary role in human life, the Academy of Electrical Sciences was established in our country only 20 years ago. However, this event is extremely important. Association of scientists, experts in the field of electrical engineering provides an opportunity to discuss the results of their work, pose important for the country and humanity tasks creates additional conditions for development . All-Russian Research Institute of high-frequency currents, now FSUE «VNIITVCH» is a member of the Academy of Electrical Sciences.

Keywords: induction heating, heat treatment, hardening, high-frequency welding, induction heating through