Innovations №5 / 2014


  1. R&D must work and mustn't collect dust on shelves. It's the principle which Prometey (Central Research Institute of Structural Materials) has used in its work
  2. Izmeritel JSC is the Centre for Competence to the Systems for Control and Registration
  3. Representatives of the scientific diaspora as heads of Russian research projects: assessing the effects
  4. Income inequality: good or bad?
  5. How to ensure the transition of agriculture to innovative way of development (regional aspect)
  6. The open innovations model as a way of increasing the competitiveness of the Russian economy
  7. Innovative activity in national economy: contents and structure
  8. Role of objective organizational economic laws in functioning of national innovative system
  9. Freelance as a non-standard employment, the innovative trend of the modern labor market
  10. Staffing problem areas identified in the forecast for Scientific and Technological Development of Russia until 2030
  11. Continuing vocational education and training: state, regulation, development directions
  12. The analysis of processes of innovative development of educational platforms in system of continuous education
  13. Corporate educational scientific center of vertically integrated structure
  14. Innovation infrastructure opinion about impediments to innovations in small business of Nizhny Novgorod region
  15. Assessment of the impact of the tax system on the efficiency of industrial innovations
  16. Methods for assessing the risk of innovative projects of scientific and technical products (STP) introduction
  17. Mathematical model of the dynamics of sales of innovative products
  18. Analysis of methods for the implementation of activities technical progress at a manufacturing plant
  19. High frequency of electrotechnology. Status, Problems and Prospects
  20. Recycling and innovative technologies applied to Boichemical
  21. Innovative methods for environmental monitoring of water resources