The Memory of my Friend

I had met Aleksandr Dmitrievich Viktorov in November 1988 when he was appointed to the post of Pro-Rector on scientific work at Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI». This time was hard for higher school. It began «wind of change»: shortening of university financing, depreciation of engineer education, subsidence of industrial production. The enterprises hadn’t been interesting in new university R & D and young specialists. There was need new method for universities, for management of R & D and introduction of its results to economy. Viktorov A.A. was active member from the group of enthusiasts of higher school in search this method and grew to informal leader. He liked me since our first meeting. He was full of energy. He clear saw priorities of his university development, solutions for difficult problems in higher school. His frankness, honesty, kindness and decency make it possible for our big friendship.