Innovations №6 / 2013


  1. Scientific and Technical Services and their Presentation in the Intellect Market
  2. The Memory of my Friend
  3. About Viktorov A.D
  4. The Contribution by rector A.D. Viktorov to development of Saint-Petersburg State University of Service and Economy
  5. The Matrix of the Idea
  6. I Remember A.D.Viktorov
  7. A.D. Viktorov Was Like-Minded Person and Opponent
  8. A.D. Viktorov - One in First Organizers of Innovation Structures in Russia
  9. A.A. Ovodenko’s Recollections
  10. Now It Is Time for Pragmatists. I’m Feeling Sorry for the Time
  11. The Experience of Establishment of Practice-Oriented Model for a Master's Degree Program on Technological Entrepreneurship in Partnership with Student Business Incubator. Case NRU ITMO
  12. Cluster Policy in the Holding Company JSC «Russian Electronics» for Innovation Development of the Company
  13. Innovation Technologies Transfer in Radio Engineering Enterprises
  14. Structural Problems of Russian Innovation System: Technology Capacity of Industries
  15. Small Innovative Business in Russian Leading Universities: Condition and Development Factors
  16. Performance Assessment of Industry Sector development (Case of Electrical and Optical Equipment Manufacturing)
  17. Special Economic Zones and the Integration of their Experience for Innovative Development
  18. Startups HR
  19. The Regional Economy Innovation-Based Development and Public Health Service Clustering
  20. The Сonditions and Mechanism of the Transition of the Economy of Ukraine to the Innovative Development
  21. Human Resources Management at the Technical Higher School: Adaptation Problems of Lectures and Professors to Modernization in Higher Professional Education
  22. Education in Management in a Period of Re-Industrialization: Cross-Country Comparisons
  23. Methodological and Methodical Aspects of Transformation of Technology to Innovative Product
  24. Questions of Methodological Instruments Making for an Evaluation of Achievement of Planned Indicators in Target Programs