Scientific and Technical Services and their Presentation in the Intellect Market

Intensive development of the market services is one of the signs in the world economy it forms a considerable part of Gross Domestic Product in the leading countries. Priorities of knowledge economy have determined a new sector of nonmaterial services - intellectual services, «knowledge» services. Despite of the increasing attention and demand sector of intellectual services has no proper development yet, and its structure is defining. But even by this time it is visible the lessening of high-tech services role, though they and the high-tech industry of top level form the core of new economy. As opposed to another groups and types of services the high-tech services have the direct attention to the intellectual ones. The higher school actively takes part in the development of this problem and in the practical implementation of the intellectual high-tech services. Such work at St.Petersburg State University of Service and Economy has been begun by Alexandr Dmitrievich Viktorov. It was very important to solve the problem of rendering the high-tech services on the example of his University and to confirm their special role at the stage of knowledge economy and intellect.

Keywords: high-tech services of top level, sector of intellectual services, high-tech industry of top level, scientific and technical services, innovation infrastructure, higher school, service innovations