Human Resources Management at the Technical Higher School: Adaptation Problems of Lectures and Professors to Modernization in Higher Professional Education

This article opens the cycle of publications devoted to the actual problem of improving the management of human resources for the benefit of society innovative development. The object of the study is the human resources at a technical university and its lectures and professors, which fulfills the most important tasks of Russian economy innovative development - preparation of the highly qualified engineering staff, capable of carrying out the industrial modernization of the country. The subject of the research is a complex of technical university human resources management methods and tools, focused on innovative development. Alekseev R.E. Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (NSTU), one of the largest technical universities of the country, is chosen as a platform for testing results of research. The cycle of publications includes the articles considering: 1) the main problems of staff adaptation to the conditions of modernization in the higher professional education; 2) the model of teachers professional competence at the technical university; 3) the methodological framework of monitoring the professional competence of the teacher at the technical university; 4) mechanisms of human resources management used in the NSTU in the interest of the University innovative development, including keeping the staff of the higher qualification. Human resources development in the country and its important component - the lectures and professors are analyzed in the article. Some strategies of staff adaptation to the conditions of modernization in the sphere of higher professional education are given in this article.

Keywords: knowledge economy, human resources, government regulation of science, adaptation strategies