The risks of financing production activities of public corporations defense industry in the performance of the state defense order

The article examines the key factors that determine the combination of various sources of financing for state corporations and their impact on the development of the defense industry in Russia in the presence of risks and geopolitical instability. The main sources of financing for defense industry enterprises in the current socio-economic realities and potential demand for defense products are considered. It is shown that the defense industry of the Russian Federation in recent years has been financed primarily by the State Defense Order and exports. Mechanisms for financing defense industry corporations by stimulating the processes of commercializing innovations, introducing the principles of lean production and a risk management system, optimizing operational processes, and investing in new highly profitable projects are proposed. Measures aimed at stabilizing the financial condition and increasing the financial stability and solvency of defense industry enterprises are proposed

Keywords: financing of the defense industry, defense spending, enterprises of the defense industry, state defense order


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