Regional network Leningrad region education development resource center ‘Technopark school Kudrovo’: new horizons

The paper presents the key development steps of the Regional Network Leningrad Region Education Development Resource Center ‘Technopark School Kudrovo’. In 2016, in compliance with the decision of the Leningrad Region Government, this project was launched at the General Secondary School ‘Education Center Kudrovo’ in the Vsevolozhsky District by Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” (ETU “LETI”), among other participants. Owing to the course of project development and project outcomes, the School-University-Enterprise type of cooperation was successfully adopted through the practices that aim to raise future engineers — in line with the country’s strategic interests. The joint School-Technopark Kudrovo and ETU “LETI” Engineering Center was built on this approach to forming a pool of sought-after talents who are able to address modern challenges that one faces when creating a safer and more effective economy. The projects implemented by the Engineering Center were supported by the employer — Automotive Cluster Northwest — and proved to be successful at regional, federal and international competitions and during international joint projects that applied the AI-based self-driving vehicle technology. Therefore, Regional Network Leningrad Region Education Development Resource Center ‘Technopark School Kudrovo’ is a clear example of an innovative project that takes the practice-oriented approach to modern education and aims to equip students with the most sought-after skills, combining comprehensive education and strategic development of the Leningrad region — a Russian Federation region with an intensively developing economy, in line with the Social and Economic Development Strategy 2030

Keywords: school-Technopark, Engineering Center, artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, project works, employers, practice-oriented approach


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