Development of resource centers of the Yamalo- Nenets autonomous district, specialized on a booty hydrocarbons

It is shown in the article, that the basic problem of socioeconomic development of monoprofile cities of the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district is the narrow specialization of economy, based on exploitation of oil and gas resources. For the achievement of the aims put in the article approach of the systems and statistical methods of analysis come forward a methodological base. Study of problems district is undertaken an on the example of cities of Noyabrsk, Muravlenko, Gubkinskii, being the centers of booty of hydrocarbons. An analysis showed that there was narrow commodity mined natural resources character of economy in the investigated cities, that does their economy unsteady, and the prospects of development depend on exhaustion of oil and gas deposits and state of affairs of markets of hydrocarbon raw material. A transition necessity is grounded from narrow commodity mined natural resources specialization to the diversifyed economy by expansion of economic basis and branch structure of economy. Research results can be drawn on at the decision of problems of development of raw material centers, both in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district and to the Frigid zone of Russian Federation on the whole Diversification and restructuring of branch structure of economy of cities of the Frigid zone are needed with narrow commodity mined natural resources specialization, that will allow to them successfully to develop both in the period of decline and complete exhaustion of oil and gas resources.

Keywords: monoprofile structure; diversification of economy; investments; apeak-integrated to the company of oil and gas sector


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