Innovations №1 / 2016


  1. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 683 of December 31, 2015 "On the Russian Federation National Security Strategy"
  2. High-tech projects in the social sphere — new initiatives Fund to promote innovation
  3. System of generation, development and support of youth innovative projects in the Altai state technical university of I. I. Polzunov
  4. The contract of public-private partnership. Recommendations on the content of the contract on the basis of international experience
  5. An example of innovation-oriented enterprise
  6. Basic science — an outsider or a national integrator innovation system?
  7. An innovative economy, innovative business education and innovation competence
  8. Technological domain of import-substitution policy in Russia
  9. The prospects for import substitution in the aluminum industry of Russia
  10. Essence and typology of social innovations
  11. Development of forms and methods of cooperation between organizations of innovative technological cluster
  12. Start-up studio phenomenon and it's potential impact on the development of entrepreneurship education
  13. On the principles for the design of regional innovation ecosystems
  14. Development of resource centers of the Yamalo- Nenets autonomous district, specialized on a booty hydrocarbons
  15. Innovative activity in the North-West Russian regions during crisis
  16. Method of strategic analysis of innovative method of metallurgical plants
  17. Innovative business-models of medical centers: the analysis of realization the business-process marketing tools
  18. Valuation of innovative products at different stages of design
  19. About the book "Innovative Culture. Theoretical, technological, ethical and practical aspects "(V.I. Jalali, V.L. Kulinichenko)