The development of new tools to improve the efficiency of promotion in social networks

With the development of social networks is actively developing such a direction as marketing in social networks (Social media marketing, SMM). Proceeding from the necessity to consider the needs of individual consumers and differentiation of consumer groups according to interests and opportunities assessment of existing and future consumers, creating new platforms, integrating existing systems.It is proposed to combine social media platforms and geoinfor- processing systems, thereby to obtain that already has the Geographical spread of social network (Geosocial Netwroks), and on the basis of the created platform to Refine and to combine multiple processing units, such as «GeoCommunication», «GeoAdvertising and GeoEntertainment».The implementation platform and evaluation of the results allowed to conclude that in each generalnie «communication» and«playgrounds» occupy leading positions. Using a new tool to promote products on social networks, you can create a more differentiated information base about the needs, motivations, preferences of the users, including their immediate location. The tool allows you to attract consumers to participate in the development of future new products, creating consumers «innovative» types.

Keywords: promotion, social networks, geographic information systems