Space - support for young people

In 2015, the celebration of the Day of Cosmonautics confined to the 50th anniversary of the release of Alexei Leonov in open space, and the 40th anniversary of the first international flight of "Soyuz-Apollo" .In St. Petersburg hosted a lot of events dedicated to this date. It held a grand rally at the monument to Tsiolkovsky, whose guest of honor was the Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Andrei Borisenko.V fortress held demonstration launches model rockets. To celebrate, we were presented pictures painted cosmonaut Leonov in collaboration with the People's Artist of Russia Alexander Sokolov, a photo exhibition "50 years in space" for the children worked the unique master klassy.O what events take place in the space industry, and how to develop the domestic cosmonautics, he told reporters in St. Petersburg ITAR-TASS Sergei Krikalev - Hero of the Soviet Union, the first Hero of Russia, cosmonaut, who set a world record for the total duration of stay of man in space - 803 days 9 hours 41 minutes.