Innovations №4 / 2015

Статьи выпуска

  1. Space - support for young people
  2. Innovative urbanism
  3. Design of innovcation development programm of the Federal space agency and space-rocket industry
  4. Innovation and investment development concept Russia
  5. Drivers of economic development: university science or industrial companies?
  6. Methodological aspects of definition technology level development of industries
  7. Comprehensive modeling of socio-economic phenomena: problem of definition and useof institutional functions in the analysis of national innovation systems
  8. Realization of the model of open innovationas a form of technology transfer and management of intellectual capital science intensive enterprises
  9. The role of business-accelerators in the system of innovation
  10. Creative technologies of cross-border cooperation: the problems of using to strengthen the competitive positions of Russia
  11. A model of psychological reconstruction of the creative process
  12. The concept of innovation Nizhny Novgorod region:analysis of innovative activity of industrial region
  13. Research of the development forces in the innovation processes of the SMEs’ companies in the Nizhny Novgorod region
  14. Organizational and institutional mechanisms of realization the innovative strategy of Ukraine
  15. Indian Institute of Technology: Taking the challenge of international rankings
  16. Methodological bases and role of the innovation management within the contemporary organization activities
  17. The development of new tools to improve the efficiency of promotion in social networks
  18. Management of economic resources of small enterprise as instrument of decrease in risks
  19. Fault-tolerant control cyclic multi-stage process
  20. Development of instruments for measuring the temperature of objects with unknown emissivity
  21. Innovative development of the theory and practice spiroidnyh gears and gearboxes