Business-incubators as elements of the technological transfer of Russian universities

Business incubators are usually considered as elements of regional innovation infrastructure, that is aimed at the nurturing of young innovative companies and forming of innovation eco-systems. The role of business incubators as a part of the system of universities’ knowledge and technologies commercialization chain is also a common place. Small innovative businesses are being created for technology transfer of university staff-born technologies and research results, and these startups are bing developed in a favorable environment of business incubators. In spite of the rapid growth of business incubators amount worldwide, their efficiency as technology transfer tool seems unproved. This paper provides an attempt to use the stakeholder approach to business incubators efficiency and to develop the system of indicators of their performance to different stakeholders. The primary data and questionnaire survey results were used on the sample of mangers and residents of business incubators in 8 regions of Russia.

Keywords: business incubators, technology transfer, spin-off, steykholdersky approach