The History of Success of the Diakont, Group of Companies: from the Unique Development to Serial Production

The history of the company has begun in 1990 years. The first period of the work was directed to TV sensors for military-defense purposes. After the company applied the sensors for nuclear power engineering. The company broadens out itself and went to serial production. In the last years Diakont had dynamic development, it had opened offices in Europe, Asia and USA. To 2005 the company just worked at nuclear power engineering. After leaders of the company directed to gas industry. The company has created complex robotics systems for all-inclusive operations. For the activity the company was decorated for the Prize of Government of the Russia Federation for science and technology and the Gazprom's Prize for progress in science and technology. With concentration of Russian scientists' efforts and new technical equipment and high quality of products the company has had leading place at market.

Keywords: radiation camera, nuclear power plant, North American market, energy effectiveness cluster, systems and technologies for anthropogenic safety, precision fast power electromechanical gears, Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises at Science and Technology, R&D